Raya Construction

Because where you live, matters. 

What Raya Construction Does

Raya Construction specialises in new builds, ramps, custom kitchen, bathroom and home modifications.

We customise our builds to your needs and requirements. We even make specialised play areas for children to fit perfectly in your backyard as you require.

Our Mission

To build innovation and inspiration in the lives of those we come in contact with.

Through constant communication and feedback we aim to build a product that is not only practical and functional but also inspirational.

What sets us apart from other construction/home modification companies?

What sets us apart from other Construction Companies is our builders are employed in house and are fully trained in the NDIS space. Our builders are sensitive to your choice and control and are happy to sit down and have a cuppa with you to get a further understanding of your requirements and building needs.

We believe that communication and feedback is key to a good outcome.

Our Before and After Gallery

Our 7 Step Process

Raya Construction has a simple 7 step process to make your life easier when going through a stressful modification or construction.

1. Contact with your OT.
We make contact with your OT for a report supporting your construction needs/requirements.

2. Site visit and consultation/communication assessing your requirements.
Our in house, NDIS trained builders will come and assess the site to write up a quote.

3. Quote is emailed.
The quote is sent out via email to both you and your OT to look through.

4. Quote is accepted.
A start time and estimated completion time is given to you.

5. Work is conducted.
Keeping you up to date during the whole process.

6. Handover is done.
A walk-through and handover is done with yourself and your Allied Health professional.

7. Feedback
Feedback is requested from you and your Allied Health Professional regarding the experience you had with Raya Construction during the construction period.

*All feedback is confidential and strictly used for us to improve our process for future projects.