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Our Support Services

Support Coordination

Our experienced team of Support Coordinators will support you to understand the scope of supports within your NDIS Plan. We pride ourselves on enabling your Choice and Control to identify and engage in supports that meet and exceed your needs, to understand Service Agreements and support you to manage your NDIS funding. Our uniquely qualified Support Coordination team will empower you to feel in control of your supports and of your NDIS journey.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our experienced Psychosocial Recovery Coaches will provide you with specialist NDIS Coordination, focused on empowering you on your recovery journey. With specialist NDIS knowledge, our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches will uniquely support you to fully maximize the potential of your NDIS Plan to assist you in achieving your goals. We will work with you and those important to you, whether they’re family or other professionals, to implement and develop recovery plans centred around your needs and aspirations.

Assistance with Community Participation

At Raya Healthcare we know that life is more than living it inside your home. There’s a world of possibilities and opportunities out there for you to enjoy and participate in. We will support you to identify and engage in the best community activities and social gatherings, tailored to your specific hobbies, strengths and other key interests you may have.

Home and Bathroom Modifications

Our skilled construction and tradespeople teams will work alongside your allied health professionals to support you in accessing every part of your home. From initial sketching and drafts, to fixture selection and bringing those drafts to life during construction, we'll be with you every step of your modification journey.


Best Practice: NDIS Plan Review

Our team of ex senior LACs, LACs and experienced Support Coordinators have put together a presentation to empower you with meaningful strategies to ensure your NDIS Plan Reviews go smoothly, and where they don't, this workshop equips you with the tools necessary to rectify any issues that occur.

Assistance with Daily Activities

Our skilled Support Workers will support you with your personal activities in both domestic and social environments. For instance, we can help you with your shopping, medical appointments, allied health appointments and home maintenance. We can also support you with those pesky little jobs at home, so you can focus your time and energy on what’s more important to you.

Applying for a Plan Review?

Have your circumstances changed? Unhappy with your NDIS Plan? Need to request a Review, but don't have Support Coordination? Look no further!
Our team of ex Senior LACs, LACs and experienced Support Coordinators will walk you through in detail how to identify and apply for each Plan Review, how long they should take and what you can to ensure your Review Request is successful.

Other Supports

Access Assistance Program

We've partnered with a key player in the NDIS allied health space to design a streamlined pathway to support your Access application into the NDIS. Working alongside you in every step of the journey, we will support you to gather and obtain the supporting evidence necessary to meet Access into the NDIS, completely free. Whether you have attempted to meet access and received a Rejection letter, or you're just overwhelmed/financially incapable of obtaining the information appropriate, we can help. There is no obligation to engage with services after-the-fact and this service is provided entirely to achieve our organisation's mission statement and values.

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